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Hello, Friends!

At Hidden Hollow it is our priority to support the physical and mental health of all of our birds, and this guides our care in more than a few ways.


To start, all of our birds are fully flighted! We do not and will not clip babies, and ask that any prospective homes agree to not clip, trim, or otherwise alter their baby's wings for at least their first year of life (though preferably never). We are more than happy to work with any prospective homes on how to live with fully flighted birds in the home to help ensure everybody is set up for success. To learn more about how clipping affects our birds and see our recommended alternatives, please visit us here.


Next, is diet. Our adults are all fed high quality pellets, and are given a wide variety of enriching fresh foods daily. Babies are all allowed to abundance wean, meaning we go at their pace. We make it fun by offering fresh foods in new and interesting ways for them to explore. This helps set them up to be adventurous, well adjusted, and consistent eaters. Under no circumstances will we send home any babies before they are fully weaned. 

And finally - toys and training! We introduce babies to a variety of safe toys and materials to interact with, and encourage them to explore and develop their natural curiosity and foraging instincts. I am also an experienced behaviorist, and utilize positive reinforcement methods to lay the foundation of some basic skills such as "step up" and recall once they start to fledge.

Our babies are all DNA sexed and are from disease-tested parents. Our Indian Ringneck babies are all also individually disease tested for PBFD and Polyoma Virus. Any additional disease testing can be performed upon request, at buyers' expense. We send babies home with a small bag of the pellets they are weaned onto to ease any diet transitions, as well as a small "Welcome Home" packet filled with handy information. If you're interested in a Hidden Hollow bird, check out our Current Species and Babies, then head on over to Policies and Terms to get started. Thank you!

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