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Springtime Swing Time

Thank you for joining us for a soft launch of our new handmade bird swings! We hope you love them as much as we do. At Hidden Hollow, we understand wanting to go the extra mile by giving our birds enriching items that are as beautiful as they are. Our swings are all meticulously handcrafted, and are created with more than just aesthetics in mind - we use high quality components that are selected with health and safety as our #1 priority.


  • Each swing has a core made of stainless steel wire. If your bird should chew down to that layer, have no fear! Stainless steel is extremely rust-, tarnish-, and corrosion-resistant, and will not cause heavy metal toxicity like many other, cheaper metals will. 

  • Our fiber-based materials (sisal, hemp, seagrass, and jute) are all completely natural and have not been treated with any oils or other manufacturing chemicals.

  • Our leather items are vegetable tanned and free of lead, AZOs, Mercury, Formaldehyde, and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals. 

  • Some swings come with hanging rings - these are also made of stainless steel and are close-welded; so no dangerous open welds for a curious beak to get wedged into!

  • We use natural, untreated, bird-safe branches that provide a varied surface that is perfect for exercising birdie feet. 

  • Our items are made without the use of any glues or other adhesives.


While we have done our best to make items that will be both safe and fun for your bird(s) to use, please note that we do still recommend using these items under supervision - and as always, we highly recommend keeping a close eye on an item’s wear and tear, so that it can be promptly removed from use if/when needed.

How to Order

Currently, my only accepted payment methods are PayPal and Venmo. I am working on a system that will allow me to take more forms of payment, and appreciate your patience while I get it up and running.

To order, please send me a message with the name(s) of the swing(s) you are interested in, along with your mailing address - message may be sent using the Contact form on this site, or emailed to: - and I will get back to folks as quickly as possible in the order the messages are received. If the requested items are still available, I will then provide a shipping quote and further payment information. Once payment is received, I will update the site as quickly as I can to mark the image "SOLD".

The current listings are for swings that are already made, with sizes and materials listed in the image descriptions. If you are interested in a custom swing, please reach out and I will be happy to discuss!

Thank you again for your interest! 

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